UEFA Champions League Semi-finals Second leg 6th May 2009

Chelsea 1-1(Aggregate:1-1 Barcelona win on away goal(s)) Barcelona @ Stamford Bridge - London - England
Chelsea:Essien 9
Barcelona:Iniesta 90+ 3

Chelsea ace: Ref was under orders(The Sun)

“There are no words to describe the person that was on the pitch here. The way he refereed the match was not the most correct one. He should never referee again.”

Yesterday he was forced to WITHDRAW his “thief” remark — as he faced possible suspension for bad-mouthing an official.

The Sunの書くことだから、話半分としてもたった1試合のことですごいことになっている。ボシングワの言葉として、主審のことを言い表す言葉が見つからないとして、もう審判を辞めるべきだとまで言っている。

“Tom said he just wants to go home and get back to a normal life.

The controversial second leg of the semi final saw Chelsea draw 1-1 with the Spanish giants — which meant they lost on the away goal rule. Norwegian cops were last night probing a glut of death threats against the referee posted on the web.

Among hate groups set up on Facebook was one entitled: “Kill Tom Henning Ovrebo”. Other threats appeared on fans’ chat forums. Police in Oslo said: “We are watching closely what is being posted on the internet. Anything we believe would threaten his personal safety will be taken seriously.”


UEFA site said: It will be one-all(The Sun)

CHELSEA fans blasted UEFA after discovering the final score of 1-1 was posted on its website HOURS before kick-off.

Blues supporters were stunned that the governing body of European football correctly predicted the outcome of the explosive Champions League semi-final with Barcelona.

A dummy match report on UEFA’s website even stated the Spanish giants would get a late equaliser.

It also rightly predicted three of the four Chelsea players who got booked — Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack and Alex.

One Chelsea fan who rang The Sun said: “This ‘test’ is remarkably similar to the actual result.”



Chelsea players pull back on conspiracy theory for Champions League exit(Guardian)

It was impossible to prevent the words "immoral" and "cheat" from swirling around the molten atmosphere of Stamford Bridge. These are words the Uefa president, Michel Platini, has used to describe the workings of the English game, part of what is perceived on these shores as an unseemly campaign against one of his organisation's key members.

It did not take long for the idea to take hold that Uefa was somehow responsible for Chelsea's galling Champions League exit. When the conspiracy theory started to brew, there was a notable difference between this one and the case that provoked Anders Frisk to retire in 2005 in the aftermath of another titanic and touchy struggle between Chelsea and Barcelona. This time it was not so much about one man, as the darkest suggestions concerned something more abstract – as if this outrage was the work of an entire governing body.



We'll kick out the Drog(The Sun)

Plans to offer the Ivory Coast hitman, 31, a new contract have been scrapped and he now looks certain to leave Stamford Bridge.

Drogba’s current 」91,000-a-week deal ends next summer but he will now be sold at the end of this season if Chelsea get a decent offer.



1st legでカモラネージを、2nd legでネドベドを負傷させてピッチの外に追いやり、ユベントスに勝利したチェルシーに同情することはないが、今季のチャンピオンズリーグは不可解なことが多すぎた。政治的要素が絡んでいるとしたなら、それは本当に悲しいことではあるね。

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