Serie A Matchday 21 Juventus vs. Roma @ Olimpico di Torino

Juventus 13/10 draw 21/10 Roma 2/1(William Hill)

Ferrara: «We must change course»(Juventus Official Website)

The match against Roma is around the corner, but during the press conference held on the eve of the match, the interest of the journalists was not so much on the technical aspects of the match. The rumours of other coaches who are candidates for the Juventus bench, the distant duel between Ferrara and Ranieri and the sacking of the current Roma caoch were the topics on which Ferrara was interviewed mostly.

Training behind closed doors
«Juventus is one of the few teams that allows people to watch the training sessions but this week I wanted to have a bit of privacy. In recent years the doors were always open but in certain circumstances the coach might feel the necessity to try something without giving an ulterior advantage to his opponents and to work solely with the team».

The meeting with the management
«It was a serene one and several aspects were analysed always with the common objective of coming out of this sitaution».

The statement by Hiddink’s agent about contact with Juventus
«I believe more in the words of the President who repeatedly told me he had made no contact at all. It is not the first time that agents and coaches make certain statements. Surely, I would have never refused such an offer... In this situation anybody can take advantage to sponsor somebody or other. It is spoke about every day of how Ferrara’s bench is at risk and who could replace him, sometimes perhaps unfairly. Even if there were contacts witha coach or other it wouldn’t matter».

Ranieri’s sacking last year
«I was a Juventus player for many years and when I stopped playing I began my career as the person responsible of the Youth Sector and today I am the Juventus coach. What I care about is that the team reaches certain levels. I think nobody could ever think that in that circumstance I was aspiring for the bench. I remember when I was called for the last two matches. My name had been mentioned but I did not wish Ranieri harm. It is not in my character to do so. Obviosly, I was happy when they called me. There were rumours that I had spoken badly of Ranieri but this is not the case and I am sorry that this sort of news was diffused. I saw what happened to Ranieri from the outside since I was taking care of other things and therefore I have no idea what went on in the dressing rooms and what Ranieri’s relations with the management were like. I will have the chance to see him on Saturday and I will say hello in a cordial manner. Don’t forget that he was my coach in naples and I think we have a mutual respectful relationship. Surely, I have nothing to clarify or justify myself for. I was involved only by others and I do not want this match to be seen as some sort of duel between me and Ranieri. Surely, on his part there will be a bit of heart feelings but neither me nor him will be playing. It is the players who will be on the field to play in such a delicate match».

«If he was signed by Juventus it is because he showed great quality. He has a clear mind and I tried to explain to him that wearing this jersey is important and difficulty especially for a youngster. We also spoke of technical aspects and he seems to know football. He can interpret various roles and has already done so with livorno: against us he played as trequartista but against Napoli he was fielded in front of the defence. He can also play on the inside and I tried him out in that position. I don’t think he would unbalance us because technically he is also ready for phases without ball possession and sacrifice. He times his exits well and is capable of playing in 3-strong midfield».

«Momo is ready to play. The important thing is that he does not have problems. He overcame the problem he had and is available. He is important for immense physical strength and also for the intensity he puts into training. He is of a stimulus to the whole group».

The match against the giallorossi
«Roma is going through an excellent moment, but I prefer playing against these type of teams who play with enthusiasm. We want to interrupt their positive streak. We must try to get back on track and return to running without looking at the table. It is difficult to do so seeing that the margin is even greater at the moment. This should be an ulterior motive».

Juventus and Roma: two different trails
«I did not bother with looking at the trail of the opponents but certainly I would not have expected such an important change of tendency on our part. I knew we would have encountered certain difficulties, but not to this extent».

Toni reborn with Roma
«Football is strange: there are players for whom it is enough to change place and immediatley they do better. Toni is an example just like Tiago (who scored his first goal for Atletico Madrid), to whom I send my best regards».









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